The Chiropractic Caduceus Wall Emblem

Chiropractic Caduceus = The Chiropractic Angel
used as the symbol of the Chiropractic profession.
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Chiropractic Caduceus
Chiropractic Wall Emblems
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Chiropractic Profession
Large gold emblem
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Winged Man
Chiropractic Angel
Chiropractic Caduceus

identifies you as
a Chiropractor,
dedicated to health.

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Our emblems are hand made, with space age polymers, and express the pride you have in your profession.   These are our most popular emblems, having been most often selected by Chiropractors, personally, at shows and in their offices.

We have two sizes of emblems; our 29" size, and the 15" size.   Our emblems are appropriate for mounting anywhere you want patients to form the association of "Health through Chiropractic," or recognize your business as a Chiropractic facility.

My story... In 1971, when I went into Chiropractic practice, my building wouldn’t accomodate a large emblem; and the only emblems available were large.    Finally, in desperation, I made a model, then a mold, and casted up a couple of emblems.   Thirty four years later, they still look great!    For years, other doctors wanted to know where they could get emblems like mine.   I always said, “Some day, I need to market those emblems.”   I retired from Chiropractic a few years ago, so that “someday” is now..!

In December of 2002, after 2 years of effort, I finished the 29" emblem.   I believe my efforts have paid off and these are the best looking Chiropractic emblems on the market.

Our emblems are beautifully designed and express quality workmanship.   The most common expression from doctors is, "THESE ARE REALLY NICE..!" We believe you will feel the same.   We trust one of our emblems will be just right for you.

"Your Signature of Pride"

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